(2008) Papers of the 31st IWS (eds. A. Hieke, H. Leitgeb)

Papers of the 31st International Wittgenstein Symposium 10-16 August 2008. Reduktion und Elimination in Philosophie und den Wissenschaften - Reduction and Elimination in Philosophy and the Sciences. Eds. Alexander Hieke, Hannes Leitgeb. Kirchberg am Wechsel: ALWS 2008.

Table of Contents


Wittgensteins Projektionsmethode als Argument für die transzendentale Deutung des Tractatus PDF HTML
Włodzimierz Heflik
The Origins of Wittgenstein’s Phenomenology PDF HTML
James M. Thompson
Atypical Rational Agency PDF HTML
Paul Raymont
Referential Practice and the Lure of Augustinianism PDF HTML
Michael Ashcroft
How do Moral Principles Figure in Moral Judgement? A Wittgensteinian Contribution to the Particularism Debate PDF HTML
Matthias Kiesselbach
Wittgenstein on Counting in Political Economy PDF HTML
Sonja M. Amadae
„Vom Weißdorn und vom Propheten“ – Poetische Kunstwerke und Wittgensteins „Fluß des Lebens“ PDF HTML
Annelore Mayer
Hard Naturalism and its Puzzles PDF HTML
Zacharoula Renia Gasparatou
An Anti-Reductionist Argument Based on Spinoza’s Naturalism PDF HTML
Nancy Brenner
“In der Frage liegt ein Fehler” – Überlegungen zu Philosophische Untersuchungen (PU) 189A PDF HTML
Wilhelm Krüger
Transcendental Philosophy and Mind-Body Reductionism PDF HTML
Christian Helmut Wenzel
Does Bradley’s Regress Support Nominalism? PDF HTML
Wolfgang Freitag
The Mind-Body-Problem and Score-Keeping in Language Games PDF HTML
Georg Gasser
Following a Philosopher PDF HTML
Murilo Seabra
Wittgenstein’s Attitudes PDF HTML
Fabien Schang
The Elimination of Meaning in Computational Theories of Mind PDF HTML
Paul Schweizer
Occam’s Razor in the Theory of Theory Assessment PDF HTML
August Fenk
Logic Must Take Care of Itself PDF HTML
Tamara Dobler
Do Brains Think? PDF HTML
Christopher Humphries
Formal Mechanisms for Reduction in Science PDF HTML
Terje Aaberge
A Wittgensteinian Answer to Strawson’s Descriptive Metaphysics PDF HTML
Karel Mom
Wittgenstein’s Externalism – Getting Semantic Externalism through the Private Language Argument and the Rule-Following Considerations PDF HTML
Cristina Borgoni
Queen Victoria’s Dying Thoughts PDF HTML
Timothy William Child
Naturalistic Ethics: A Logical Positivistic Approach PDF HTML
Sibel Oktar
The Essence (?) of Color, According to Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Ondrej Beran
Ethik als irreduzibles Supervenienzphänomen PDF HTML
Thomas Wachtendorf
Dummett on the Origins of Analytical Philosophy PDF HTML
George Duke
The Tractatus and the Problem of Universals PDF HTML
Eric Lemaire
Abbildung und lebendes Bild in Tractatus und Nachlass PDF HTML
Christian Erbacher
Different Ways to Follow Rules? The Case of Ethics PDF HTML
Olga Ramírez Calle
The Key Problems of KC PDF HTML
Matteo Plebani
The Writing of Nietzsche and Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Elena Nájera
Species, Variability, and Integration PDF HTML
Makmiller Pedroso
Rule-following as Coordination: A Game-theoretic Approach PDF HTML
Giacomo Sillari
Wittgenstein on Frazer and Explanation PDF HTML
Keith Dromm
Supervenience and ‘Should’ PDF HTML
Arto Siitonen
Why the Phenomenal Concept Strategy Cannot Save Physicalism PDF HTML
Martina Fürst
The Date of Tractatus Beginning PDF HTML
Luciano Bazzocchi
The Scapegoat Theory of Causality PDF HTML
Marcello di Paola
A Note on Tractatus 5.521 PDF HTML
Nuno Venturinha
The Evolution of Morals PDF HTML
Andrew Oldenquist
On Two Recent Defenses of The Simple Conditional Analysis of Disposition-Ascriptions PDF HTML
Kai-Yuan Cheng
Rule-Following and the Irreducibility of Intentional States PDF HTML
Antti Heikinheimo
The Place of Theory Reduction in the Models of Interdisciplinary Relations PDF HTML
Uwe Voigt
„Die Einheit hören“ – Einige Überlegungen zu Ludwig Wittgenstein und Anton Bruckner PDF HTML
Johannes Leopold Mayer
Word-Meaning and the Context Principle in the Investigations PDF HTML
Jaime Nester
Metaphorische Bedeutung als virtus dormitiva PDF HTML
Jakub Mácha
Reichenbach’s Concept of Logical Analysis of Science and his Lost Battle against Kant PDF HTML
Nikolay Milkov
Science and the Art of Language Maintenance PDF HTML
Deirdre C.P. Smith
New Hope for Non-Reductive Physicalism PDF HTML
Julie Yoo
Some Remarks on Wittgenstein and Type Theory in the Light of Ramsey PDF HTML
Holger Leerhoff
The Determination of Form by Syntactic Employment: a Model and a Difficulty PDF HTML
Colin Johnston