(2007) Papers of the 30th IWS (eds. H. Hrachovec, A. Pichler, J. Wang)

Papers of the 30th International Wittgenstein Symposium 5-11 August 2007. Philosophie der Informationsgesellschaft - Philosophy of the Information Society. Eds. Herbert Hrachovec, Alois Pichler, Joseph Wang. Kirchberg am Wechsel: ALWS 2007.

Table of Contents


Medienphilosophie als ethisches Projekt? Vilém Flussers Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Matthias Kroß
Wittgenstein’s Approach to the Language-Reasoning Use of Propositions PDF HTML
Alexandr Sobancev
Wittgenstein registrieren PDF HTML
Wilhelm Krüger
Retrieving Culture from Language PDF HTML
Marcos Pinheiro
How could he try to try to whistle it? PDF HTML
Eric Lemaire
Reasonable and Factive Entitlements PDF HTML
Jih-Ching Ho
Internet: some collateral effects PDF HTML
Fábio Jesus Miranda
Language Games and Serious Matters: Cultural Pluralism, Relativism and Rituals in the Media PDF HTML
Ora Gruengard
(Re)-Constructing the Semantic Architecture of Wittgenstein’s Vermischte Bemerkungen PDF HTML
Kerstin Mayr
A Database for a Prototractatus Structural Analysis and the Hypertext Version of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus PDF HTML
Luciano Bazzocchi
Philosophy at the crossroads. Is it possible to love wisdom in the information age? PDF HTML
Aleksandra Derra
Utilizing Experiences from Knowledgebay for Digital Wittgenstein Scholarship PDF HTML
Christian Erbacher
Wittgenstein and Kant on Judgments of Taste: Situations versus Faculties PDF HTML
Christian Helmut Wenzel
Unnatural Nonsense? On the expectancy of consistency in the Tractatus PDF HTML
Yrsa Neuman
Nichtsein und Grenze bei Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Włodzimierz Heflik
Die Helsinki-Edition der Philosophischen Untersuchungen PDF HTML
Peter Keicher
Sraffa’s Impact on Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Matthias Unterhuber
The Wikipedia: Knowledge as social, fallible, externalist and holistic PDF HTML
Manuel de Pinedo-Garcia
Wittgenstein on the Meaning of Life: From Theory to Therapy PDF HTML
Michael Maurer
Against the Idea of a “Third” Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Nuno Venturinha
Farewell to the Resolute Reading of the Tractatus? PDF HTML
Tuomas William Manninen
The Erosion of Certainty PDF HTML
Silvia Lanzetta
Forms of Life as Forms of Culture PDF HTML
Kristijan Krkač
The Epistemology of “Text” Meaning: The Context is the Proof-Conditions Upon Which We Prove the Truth of Our Interpretation of the Text PDF HTML
Dan Nesher
Ethical Tasks of Media Advocacy in the 21st Century PDF HTML
Giridhari Lal Pandit
Philosophy, Spoken Word, Written Text and Beyond PDF HTML
Vaclav Brezina
Philosophy as Development of Conceptual Technologies PDF HTML
Murilo Seabra
Wittgenstein and Logical Analysis PDF HTML
Montgomery Link
Wittgenstein versus Mauthner: Two critiques of language, two mysticisms PDF HTML
Elena Nájera
Franz Brentanos philosophisches Werk im digitalen Zeitalter PDF HTML
Thomas Binder
The Semantic Web in a philosophical perspective PDF HTML
Terje Aaberge
Wittgenstein’s programme of a New Logic PDF HTML
Timm Lampert
The balloon effect. Eight problems related to philosophy tyrannized by information PDF HTML
Krzysztof Abriszewski
A Note on Wittgenstein and Nietzsche PDF HTML
Peter K. Westergaard
A Digital Turn In Philosophy and Wittgenstein about “Is” PDF HTML
Vladimir Olegovich Lobovikov
Old Patterns, New Bewitchments PDF HTML
Zsuzsanna Kondor
Die subjektiven Wirklichkeiten einer Welt PDF HTML
Thomas Wachtendorf
PhiloSURFical: browse Wittgenstein’s world with the Semantic Web PDF HTML
Michele Pasin
Re-Discovering Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Deirdre C.P. Smith
Culture and Value Revisited – Draft of a new electronic edition PDF HTML
Joseph Wang
Ethics, Language and the Development of Wittgenstein’s Thought in Ms 139a PDF HTML
Deirdre C.P. Smith
Privileged Access to Information: Dretske’s Accounts of Self-Knowledge PDF HTML
Kai-Yuan Cheng
Storing, processing and transmitting linked chunks of structured text PDF HTML
Sindre Sørensen
On Roses, Pi, and Understanding PDF HTML
Craig Fox
Utilizing OWL for Wittgenstein’s Tractatus PDF HTML
Amelie Zöllner-Weber
Scepticism and Later Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Priyambada Sarkar
Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber hat Freud nicht geschwiegen PDF HTML
José M. Ariso
Russell, Wittgenstein, and the Project for “Analytic Philosophy” PDF HTML
Nikolay Milkov
Language games of literature PDF HTML
Ondrej Beran