(2002) Papers of the 25th IWS (eds. Chr. Kanzian, J. Quitterer, E. Runggaldier)

Papers of the 25th International Wittgenstein Symposium 11-17 August 2002. Personen: Ein Interdisziplinärer Dialog - Persons: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Eds. Christian Kanzian, Josef Quitterer, Edmund Runggaldier. Kirchberg am Wechsel: ALWS 2002.

Table of Contents


Wittgenstein's Contributions to Philosophy PDF HTML
James M. Thompson
Is the Private Language Argument a Transcendental Argument? PDF HTML
Karel Mom
On the Austere Conception of Nonsense PDF HTML
Gisela Bengtsson
Some Reflections about Wittgenstein´s Bezugssystem PDF HTML
José M. Ariso
The 4th Dimension – Wittgenstein on Colour and Imagination PDF HTML
Tine Wilde
»I can’t have your pains«. First Person Statements and the Ambiguity of Meaning PDF HTML
Volker A. Munz
Human Beings and Automatons PDF HTML
Simo Säätelä
The Vienna School for Truth Exploration PDF HTML
Wasfi A. Hijab
The Joint Philosophical Program of Russell and Wittgenstein (March–November 1912) and its Downfall PDF HTML
Nikolay Milkov
Wie man NaturalistInnen (nicht) kontern sollte PDF HTML
Winfried Löffler
Aesthetic Aspects on Persons in Kant, Schiller, and Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Christian Helmut Wenzel
Freiheit, Personen und ontologische Verpflichtungen PDF HTML
Arkadiusz Chrudzimski
Cartesian Minds PDF HTML
Yakir Levin
Construction, Convention, and Subjectivity in the Early Wittgenstein PDF HTML
Andreas Blank
Spuren Tolstois in Wittgensteins Tagebüchern von 1914-1916 PDF HTML
Ilse Somavilla
Strawson's Concept of Person – A Critical Discussion PDF HTML
Francis Alakkalkunnel