Vol 15

(2010) V. Munz, K. Puhl, J. Wang (Eds.): Language and World. Part Two. Signs, Minds and Actions

Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society – New Series Vol. 15 (2010). V. Munz, K. Puhl, J. Wang (Eds.): Language and World. Part Two. Signs, Minds and Actions. Heusenstamm: ontos verlag.

This second of two volumes brings together invited papers of the 32 Symposium (Kirchberg/W. (Austria), 2009). The collection not only contains articles related to some of Wittgenstein’s central arguments but also holds contributions that deal with the role and function of signs, as well as with the relations between language and action, consciousness and metaphysics. An interdisciplinary workshop was dedicated to “Wittgenstein and Literature”, an area of study which has been prominent in the philosophical discourse of the last decade. Contributors to this volume are Anat Biletzki, Michael Dummett, Laurence Goldstein, Peter Janich, Brian McGuinness, Marjorie Perloff, David Schalkwyk, Joachim Schulte, Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer, David Stern, Eike von Savigny among others.

Table of Contents


Texts Do Not Reflect Outer Reality. What Do They Do Then? PDF
Krzysztof Abriszewski
The ‘Language and World’ of Religion PDF
Anat Biletzki
Conceptualizing Technoscience in a Reasonable, Constructivist Way PDF
Ewa Binczyk
The Coherence Theory of Truth: Russell’s Worst Invention? PDF
Stewart Candlish, Nic Damnjanovic
How the Category of Embodiment Transforms the Problems of Philosophy of the Language: The Case of Understanding PDF
Aleksandra Derra
Sense-data and Senses PDF
Michael Dummet
Realismus, Ontologie und Sprachabhängigkeit PDF
Volker Gadenne
Names, Nonsubstitutivity and the Tanney Puzzle PDF
Laurence Goldstein
Sprechen als vernünftiges Handeln: Grundlage einer rationalen Hermeneutik PDF
Peter Janich
Das erlösende Wort PDF
James Klagge
Is there a Language ‘Behind’ Speaking? How to Look at 20 th Century Language Theory in an Alternative Way PDF
Sybille Krämer
On the Pragmatics of Unanswerable Questions PDF
Peter Kügler
Showing and Self-Presentation of Experiences – Some Philosophical Cases PDF
Johann Christian Marek
Wittgenstein and Literature PDF
Brian McGuinness
Writing Philosophy as Poetry: Wittgenstein’s Literary Syntax PDF
Marjorie Perloff
Und Gott war das Wort: Wittgensteins niedrige Absichten PDF
Esther Ramharter
Objective Interpretation and the Metaphysics of Meaning PDF
Maria E. Reicher
Ludwig Wittgenstein über Wilhelm Busch – “He has the REAL philosophical urge.” PDF
Josef G. F. Rothhaupt
Sind Eindrücke Informationsträger? Was wir aus PU §§354-356 lernen können PDF
Eike von Savigny
Wittgenstein and Sebald: The Place of Home and the Grammar of Memory PDF
David Schalkwyk
The Harmony Chapter PDF
Joachim Schulte
Generisches Wissen in kategorialen Inferenzstrukturen: Zur Metaphysik des Begrifflichen PDF
Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer
Wittgenstein on the Inverted Spectrum PDF
David G. Stern
Zur Performativität des Narrativen: Vorüberlegungen zu einer performativen Narratologie PDF
Alexandra Strohmaier
Preface PDF
Volker A. Munz, Klaus Puhl, Joseph Wang