Vol 2

(2006) Alois Pichler / Simo Säätelä (Eds.): Wittgenstein: The Philosopher and his Works

Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society – New Series Vol. 2 (2006). Alois Pichler / Simo Säätelä (Eds.): Wittgenstein: The Philosopher and his Works. Heusenstamm: ontos verlag.

This wide-ranging collection of essays contains eighteen original articles by authors representing some of the most important recent work on Wittgenstein. It deals with questions pertaining to both the interpretation and application of Wittgenstein’s thought and the editing of his works. Regarding the latter, it also addresses issues concerning scholarly electronic publishing. The collection is accompanied by a comprehensive introduction which lays out the content and arguments of each contribution. Contributors: Knut Erik Tranøy, Lars Hertzberg, Georg Henrik von Wright, Marie McGinn, Cora Diamond, James Conant, David G. Stern, Eike von Savigny, P.M.S. Hacker, Hans-Johann Glock, Allan Janik, Kristóf Nyíri, Antonia Soulez, Brian McGuinness, Anthony Kenny, Joachim Schulte, Herbert Hrachovec, Cameron McEwen.

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Simo Säätelä, Alois Pichler
Wittgenstein and the relation between life and philosophy PDF
Knut Erik Tranøy
Trying to keep philosophy honest PDF
Lars Hertzberg
Remarks on Wittgenstein’s use of the terms “Sinn”, “sinnlos”, “unsinnig”, “wahr”, and “Gedanke” in the Tractatus PDF
Georg Henrik von Wright
Wittgenstein’s early philosophy of language and the idea of ‘the single great problem’ PDF
Marie McGinn
Peter Winch on the Tractatus and the unity of Wittgenstein’s philosophy PDF
Cora Diamond
Wittgenstein’s Later Criticism of the Tractatus PDF
James Conant
How many Wittgensteins? PDF
David G. Stern
Taking avowals seriously: The soul a public affair PDF
Eike von Savigny
Of knowledge and of knowing that someone is in pain PDF
Peter M. S. Hacker
Wittgenstein and history PDF
Hans-Johann Glock
Impure reason vindicated PDF
Allan Janik
Wittgenstein’s philosophy of pictures PDF
Kristóf Nyíri
A case of early Wittgensteinian dialogism: Stances on the impossibility of “Red and green in the same place” PDF
Antonia Soulez
Wittgenstein: Philosophy and literature PDF
Brian McGuinness
A brief history of Wittgenstein editing PDF
Anthony Kenny
What is a work by Wittgenstein? PDF
Joachim Schulte
Evaluating the Bergen Electronic Edition PDF
Herbert Hrachovec
Wittgenstein in digital form: Perspectives for the future PDF
Cameron McEwen
Bibliography and reference system PDF
Alois Pichler, Simo Säätelä