Vol 3

(2007) Christian Kanzian, Edmund Runggaldier (Eds.): Cultures. Conflict - Analysis - Dialogue

Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society – New Series Vol. 3 (2007). Christian Kanzian, Edmund Runggaldier (Eds.): Cultures. Conflict - Analysis - Dialogue. Heusenstamm: ontos verlag.

What can systematic philosophy contribute to come from conflict between cultures to a substantial dialogue? – This question was the general theme of the 29th international symposium of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society in Kirchberg. Worldwide leading philosophers accepted the invitation to come to the conference, whose results are published in this volume, edited by Christian Kanzian & Edmund Runggaldier. The sections are dedicated to the philosophy of Wittgenstein, Logics and Philosophy of Language, Decision- and Action Theory, Ethical Aspects of the Intercultural Dialogue, Intercultural Dialogue, and last not least to Social Ontology. Our edition include (among others) contributions authored by Peter Hacker, Jennifer Hornsby, John Hyman, Michael Kober, Richard Rorty, Hans Rott, Gerhard Schurz, Barry Smith, Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer, Franz Wimmer, and Kwasi Wiredu.

Table of Contents


Moral Judgments of Foreign Cultures and Bygone Epochs. A Two-Tier Approach PDF
Eckhart Arnold
Inner/intercultural Dialog and Long-Range Ethics PDF
Krzysztof Abriszewski
Language in Archaic, Pre-referential Cultures. The Emergence of Dualism PDF
Ewa Binczyk
Wittgenstein on Colors and Internal Relations, 1930–1932 PDF
Andreas Blank
Lebensform as a Wittgensteinian Way of Understanding Culture PDF
Aleksandra Derra
Wittgenstein's Ethnological Approach to Philosophy PDF
Christoph Durt
Documentality - Or why nothing social exists beyond the text PDF
Maurizio Ferraris
Knowledge and Abilities in Action PDF
Jennifer Hornsby
Three Fallicies about Action PDF
John Hyman
Social Action, Collective Responsibility, and the Difficulties of Social Decision Making PDF
Michael Kober
Roots of Recognition - Cultural Identity and the Ethos of Hermeneutic Dialogue PDF
Hans-Herbert Kögler
Wittgenstein liest Freud PDF
Matthias Kroß
Folk Psychology and Proverb Knowledge as Common Knowledge in Decision-Making PDF
Marion Ledwig
Tolerance and Truth in Intercultural Dialogue: Some Reflections PDF
Elisabeth Meilhammer
Agents in Discord. On Preference Aggregation under Uncertainty PDF
Ulrich Metschl
Beratung und Entscheidung im Kontext kollektiven Ausagierens PDF
Alice Pechriggl
Consequence Theory of Truth. Reflections on Certainty and Conflict PDF
Bernhard Pörksen
World-Views Clashing? The Possibilities of Dialogue PDF
Patrick Riordan
Disagreement and Misunderstanding Across Cultures PDF
Hans Rott
Clash of Civilizations? An Evolution-Theoretic and Empirical Investigation of Huntington's Theses PDF
Gerhard Schurz
On Place and Space: The Ontology of the Eruv PDF
Barry Smith
Die Rolle gemeinsamer Urteile für das freie Handeln PDF
Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer
Chinese Language, Chinese Mind? PDF
Christian Helmut Wenzel
Truth and Dialogue PDF
Kwasi Wiredu
On Power, Conventions, and the Varieties of Normativity PDF
Leo Zaibert
Preface PDF
Christian Kanzian
Wittgenstein and the Linguistic Turn PDF
Richard Rorty
Human Beings – The Mind and the Body: Wittgensteinian-Aristotelian Reflections PDF
Boris Gubman
Anlass, Begriff und Aufgabe interkultureller Philosophie PDF
Franz Martin Wimmer
Intercultural Polylogues in Philosophy PDF
Franz Martin Wimmer
Human Beings – The Mind and the Body: Wittgensteinian-Aristotelian Reflections PDF
Peter M. S. Hacker