Vol 7

(2008) Herbert Hrachovec, Alois Pichler (Eds.): Philosophy of the Information Society

Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society – New Series Vol. 7 (2008). Herbert Hrachovec, Alois Pichler (Eds.): Philosophy of the Information Society. Heusenstamm: ontos verlag.

This is the second of two volumes of the proceedings from the 30th International Wittgenstein Symposium in Kirchberg, August 2007. It contains selected contributions on the Philosophy of media, Philosophy of the Internet, on Ethics and the political economy of information society. Also included are papers presented in a workshop on electronic philosophy resources and open source/open access.

Table of Contents


Philosophy in an Evolving Web: Necessary Conditions, Web Technologies, and the Discovery Project PDF
Thomas Bartscherer, Paolo D’Iorio
Binding Time: Harold Innis and the balance of new media PDF
Chris Chesher
On our Knowledge of Markets for Knowledge—A Survey PDF
Gerhard Clemenz
East-West Perspectives on Privacy, Ethical Pluralism and Global Information Ethics PDF
Charles Ess
A view of the iconic turn from a semiotic perspective PDF
August Fenk
Science of Recording PDF
Maurizio Ferraris
Information Society: A Second “Great Transformation”? PDF
Peter Fleissner
Internet and the flow of knowledge: Which ethical and political challenges will we face? PDF
Niels Gottschalk-Mazouz
Some thoughts on the importance of Open Source and Open Access for an emerging digital scholarship PDF
Stefan Gradmann
Weltkommunikation und World Brain. Zur Archäologie der Informationsgesellschaft PDF
Frank Hartmann
Avatars und Lebensform: Kirchberg 2007 PDF
Michael Heim
Medienphilosophie und Bildungsphilosophie – Ein Plädoyer für Schnittstellenerkundungen PDF
Theo Hug
The Necessary Multiplicity PDF
Cameron McEwen
Will the Open Access Movement be successful? PDF
Michael Nentwich
Towards a Philosophy of the Mobile Information Society PDF
Kristóf Nyíri
Medienwissenschaft, Medientheorie oder Medienphilosophie? PDF
Claus Pias
Media Philosophy—A Reasonable Programme? PDF
Siegfried J. Schmidt
Globalisierte Produktion von (akademischem) Wissen –ein Wettbewerbsspiel PDF
Ursula Schneider
Preface PDF
Herbert Hrachovec, Alois Pichler