Vol 14

(2010) V. Munz, K. Puhl, J. Wang (Eds.): Language and World. Part One. Essays on the Philosophy of Wittgenstein

Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society – New Series Vol. 14 (2010). V. Munz, K. Puhl, J. Wang (Eds.): Language and World. Part One. Essays on the Philosophy of Wittgenstein. Heusenstamm: ontos verlag.

This first of two volumes brings together invited papers of the 32 Symposium (Kirchberg/W. (Austria), 2009). The relation between language and the world was undoubtedly one if not the central issue in Wittgenstein’s whole philosophical oeuvre. His one hundred and twentieth birthday provided an occasion for foregrounding this aspect of his work. A special workshop was dedicated to new aspects of Wittgenstein’s Nachlass. In this volume Frank Cioffi, Peter Hacker, Ian Hacking, Roy Harris, Lars Hertzberg, Jaakko Hintikka, Marie McGinn, Danièle Moyal-Sharrock, Hans Sluga among others provide substantial contributions on various aspects of Wittgenstein’s writings such as the philosophy of mathematics, the problem of rule following or the relation between meaning and use.

Table of Contents


Trees, Levels and Ladders PDF
Luciano Bazzocchi
Wittgenstein’s Non-Explanatory ‘Craving’, ‘Discomforts’ and ‘Satisfactions’ PDF
Frank Cioffi
On the Origin and Compilation of ‘Cause and Effect: Intuitive Awareness’ PDF
Kim van Gennip
Francis Skinner’s Original Wittgenstein Brown Book Manuscript PDF
Arthur Gibson
A Normative Conception of Necessity: Wittgenstein on Necessary Truths of Logic, Mathematics and Metaphysics PDF
Peter M. S. Hacker
Return to an Old Refrain: What Proof Does to Concepts PDF
Ian Hacking
Wittgenstein on ‘Primitive’ Languages PDF
Roy Harris
Attending to the Actual Sayings of Things PDF
Lars Hertzberg
The Rule-Following Problem Problem and Its Solution PDF
Jaakko Hintikka
How to Make Wittgenstein’s Concept of Meaning Complete? PDF
Ilya Kasavin
Metapher als Entzug – Metapher als Gabe: Wittgenstein mit Blumenberg lesen? PDF
Matthias Kroß
Lebensformen und Lebensmuster: Zur Deutung eines sogenannten Grundbegriffs der Spätphilosophie Ludwig Wittgensteins PDF
Stefan Majetschak
Recognizing the Ground that Lies before us as Ground: McDowell on How to Read Philosophical Investigations PDF
Marie McGinn
Coming to Language: Wittgenstein’s Social ‘Theory’ of Language Acquisition PDF
Danièle Moyal-Sharrock
Sind Tatsachen vom Sprachspiel konstituiert? Zu Wittgensteins Philosophie 1946-51 PDF
Katalin Neumer
Wittgenstein vs. Rawls PDF
Rupert Read
‘Resolution’ – an Illusion of Sense? PDF
Genia Schönbaumsfeld
“Our grammar lacks surveyability.” PDF
Hans Sluga
Verschlüsselung in Wittgensteins Nachlass PDF
Ilse Somavilla
Beyond the World, Beyond Significant Language PDF
Nuno Venturinha
Self-Knowledge as a Technology of the Self: Foucault and Wittgenstein on the Practice of Philosophy PDF
Jörg Volbers
Wissende und Zweifelnde – Wittgensteins „Doppelangriff“ PDF
Anja Weiberg
Preface PDF
Volker A. Munz, Klaus Puhl, Joseph Wang