Vol 17

(2011) R. Heinrich, E. Nemeth, W. Pichler, D. Wagner (Eds.): Image and Imaging in Philosophy, Science

Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society – New Series Vol. 17 (2011). R. Heinrich, E. Nemeth, W. Pichler, D. Wagner (Eds.): Image and Imaging in Philosophy, Science. Heusenstamm: ontos verlag.

Diagrams are an essential part of the most diverse processes of communication and cognition. Indeed, today the production of all kinds of text (including this one) is mediated by diagrammatic tools to be found on computer desktops. Not surprisingly, then, diagrams have become the object of much historical and theoretical work. This book―volume 2 of the Proceedings of the 33rd International Wittgenstein Symposium―is dedicated to this quickly growing field of interdisciplinary research. It includes contributions from philosophy, sociology (space syntax), art history, and history of science. Historically, there is a focus on Otto Neurath and his famous visual language (ISOTYPE), while the new attempts at theorizing diagrams presented here are mainly inspired by Charles Sanders Peirce and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Table of Contents


Zwischen innen und außen. Für eine Pragmatik des Diagrammatischen PDF
Steffen Bogen
The Linguistic Status of Isotype PDF
Christopher Burke
Showing Space, or: Can there be Sciences of the Non-Discursive? PDF
Bill Hillier
Otto Neurath: Mapping the City as a Social Fact? PDF
Sophie Hochhäusl
Reaching the People: Isotype Beyond the West PDF
Eric Kindel
Rondom Rembrandt and Beyond: On Otto Neurath’s Isotype Contributions to Visual Communication and Museum Learning PDF
Hadwig Kraeutler
Out of the Wild PDF
Bart Lootsma
From Otto Neurath’s Isotype to Multiple Worlds of Visual Media PDF
Karl H. Müller, Armin Reautschnig
Scientific Attitude and Picture Language. Otto Neurath on Visualisation in Social Sciences PDF
Elisabeth Nemeth
‘Words Divide, Pictures Unite.’ Otto Neurath’s Pictorial Statistics in Historical Context PDF
Sybilla Nikolow
Anmerkungen zur Grammatik der Wort-Bild-Verbindungen PDF
Andreas Roser
Written Language and Picture Language after Otto Neurath — Popularising or Humanising Knowledge? PDF
Friedrich Stadler
Peirce’s Notion of Diagram Experiment. Corrollarial and Theorematical Experiments with Diagrams PDF
Frederik Stjernfelt
Figurenbild und Diagramm. Lot und seine Töchter (Louvre, RF 1185) PDF
Felix Thürlemann
Glimpses of Unsurveyable Maps PDF
David Wagner
Preface PDF
Richard Heinrich, Elisabeth Nemeth, Wolfram Pichler, David Wagner
‘The Mind’s Eye’: Visualizing the Non-visual and the ‘Epistemology of the Line’ PDF
Sybille Krämer